Thursday, March 27, 2014

Portland is Abloom

Portland Hanami by Hoshizorawomiageteiru, 2014
Cherry Blossoms at the South Waterfront, Portland, Oregon
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Usually I write about places I want to go. This time, I just want to share how beautiful my current location is. Portland has been filling up with flowers and beautiful weather lately.

Being from Michigan, I never expected such glorious weather in March. This is especially the case since Portland is hardly known for its sunny skies. Reputation notwithstanding, the past several days have been gorgeous here.

Spending years in Japan gave me a quite a soft spot for sakura (cherry blossoms). I did not realize they would be all over Portland. It was a tremendous surprise for my first spring here. Typically, in Japan, the blooms last for no more than a week. They have lasted about 2 weeks here. Just as some of the trees' blooms were starting to die, they appeared in other areas. We are so fortunate here to be treated to such a sight.

Portland Sakura by Hoshizorawomiageteiru, 2014
The sakura pictured above appeared a good week
before the blossoms at the waterfront did. 
Magnolias have also been appearing everywhere. Just look at this tree I found near Union Station:

Sky High Magnolias by Hoshizorawomiageteiru, 2014
Magnolias at Union Station

If this is the precursor to spring, I can hardly wait for the main event.

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