Friday, July 19, 2013

Atlanterhavsveien (Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway)

Do you ever notice the expression "oppressively hot?" Most days this summer have between 95° -100° (35°C-37.77°C) and up. In such weather, any hyperbole from the aforementioned saying twists into realism.

Excessively hot weather just takes it out of me. I have been dreaming of slightly cooler locales; with a view.  Look at what I discovered:

Photo Credit: Ernst Vikne

Photo Credit: Dave Fergusson

Photo Credit: Ernst Vikne

Photo Credit: Ernst Vikne

Photo Credit: Arno van den Tilaart

Photo Credit: Jørgen Vik
Touted as the "Norwegian construction of the century" and "the world's best road trip," Atlanterhavsveien was slated to be a rail line. Instead, it became an 8.3 kilometer/5.2 mile part of Country Road 64, which stretches across an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea.

If the cinematic views are not enough to entice one, perhaps take a look at the projected weather. It is supposed to be in the 60s and 70s for much of the next two weeks. The mere idea has me relaxing already.