Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Tobogganing in Switzerland

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I went to a diner in the middle of nowhere last night. A couple from Switzerland was at the next table; they were here in the US, traveling for a couple of months. My parents told them all about their travels in their home country, leaving me envious of the four of them. I told the Swiss couple how much I wanted to venture there. 

After returning home, I looked up some Swiss sites. Being from Michigan, as a kid, I had plenty of opportunities to go sledding. However, I have never done so in the summer. That is one amazing activity I found in Switzerland; summer tobogganing on Mount Pilatus.

What is more astonishing than summer tobogganing is that Mount Pilatus is not the only place to do so. "It is merely the longest run, at 1350 meters" (4429.13 feet). I can just imagine whirring through it, looking at that crisp mountain scenery. "Once you reach the end, an apparatus actually picks you up and lifts you back to the top for more speedy fun. If the quickness is a bit much, it is said that one may adjust the pace," but it does not say how. (Pilatus Luzern, n.d.,

Suspended rope course
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There is a plethora of other activities there, such as hiking, biking and paragliding. There is also tubing down slides and a suspended rope course. Whether you want to take in some scenery, challenge yourself, or go play like a kid, Pilatus is where its at. I am game; are you?  

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